A guide from the Spanish Green Growth Group

The Spanish Green Growth Group (Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde – GECV) was created to foster the collaboration between the private and public sectors to tackle the different environmental challenges together. 

The GEVC groups over 50 companies -making up most of the IBEX- as well as SMEs and innovative start-ups. GECV acknowledges the team from Climate Strategy & Partners for managing this project.

Participating companies

GECV thanks its members and collaborating entities for their support and participation in the guide elaboration

Why this guide?

One of the critical elements required to meet climate
targets is to develop coherent long-term Climate Action
Plans aligned with the Paris Agreement’s objectives and
considering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Action Plans should target net-zero greenhouse
gas emissions by, or before, 2050 and clearly demonstrate
how companies’ and financial institutions’ business models
are compatible with a climate neutral economy. Climate
Action Plans should be consistent with the following
12 elements that we consider best practices.

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